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Carversville day was May 30, 2015!  Thanks to everyone for all their spirit!  It was a fun day.  Here is a short Carversville Day 2015 Video by Juliana Heffern:

Carversville Day Video 2015

and here are some pictures from our local Newspaper, Bucks County Herald:

Stay tuned for Films in the Field starting at dusk in Max's Grocery Parking lot on June 29th!


Carversville sits at the confluence of the branches of the Paunacussing Creek in Solebury Township, PA.

The village is a nationally-designated historic zone.

The Historic Carversville Society (HCS), a volunteer-based non-profit group, is dedicated to the future -- and past -- of this community jewel. The HCS was formed in August 1985 with the mission to "accumulate and preserve historical data and material relating to the village of Carversville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and its environs and to function as a center of research into the history and customs of such area...and to promote community pride, spirit and involvement." As stated in the Charter and By-Laws of HCS.

To this end, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative included us in their archival Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories.  Click here for their findings, it's fascinating!

Please note that our purpose is purely as a group to preserve our history.  We are not to be confused with HARB,  Historical Architectural Review Board which has a separate mission and value in Solebury Township.

Our Newsletters!

The Carversvillian,  Fall     2014 Issue.  Download Pdf.

The Carversvillian,  Spring 2014 Issue.  Download Pdf.

The Carversvillian,  Fall     2013 Issue.  Download Pdf.



Carversville is a prime example of a 19th Century farming community and this earned it National Register of Historic Places status from the Department of Interior in 1979. Officially, the Village became "historic". Carversville was one of the first districts to be so honored and it is now under the protection of federal, state and local laws that regulate changes made to any building which may destroy its historic value. More....

The Doans

By 1696 the first of the Doans had moved into Bucks County from Sandwich, Massachusetts and prior to 1726 Israel Doan, the grandfather of the infamous Doan Boys, was squatting on Indian land in Plumstead. At the time this area was deeply forested with great distances between cleared farms. Settlers found the Indians who frequented the area friendly for the most part and there was an abundance of deer and bear to hunt. Bread was made from the Indian corn and when grain was carried to market it was done on long caravans of horses tied head to tail which snaked through the trees on the Indian paths that crisscrossed the area. Men dressed in deerskins and women wore linsey and linen. Every month they would attend the Friends Meeting with the men carrying their weapons because of the strong likelihood of encountering a wolf or bear along the way. More....

Businesses in the Carversville Village Square:

The Carversville Inn

6205 Fleecydale Road Carversville, PA  18913 | 215-297-0900

Welcome to The Carversville Inn!  You have to get lost to find us, but once you do you

won’t want to leave! Chef/Owner Will Mathias and his wife Denie take pride in

welcoming you to their warm, inviting restaurant in the heart of Bucks County.















Lunch: Wednesday through Sunday, 11 AM - 2 PM

Dinner: Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday 5:30 PM - 9:30
            Friday and Saturday 5:30 - 10:00 PM

Sunday Brunch: 11 AM - 2 PM

The Carversville Inn is located in the charming, historic village of Carversville. As one reviewer noted, it is “10 minutes and 100 years from New Hope.” The owners pride themselves in offering consistent, quality food in a romantic and friendly atmosphere off the beaten track.  Click here to make a reservation on OpenTable!

Max Hansen's Carversville Grocery

                         Food with heart.


Max Hansen, a long-time resident of Bucks County and chef, cookbook author and caterer, has brought his passion for food and entertaining to the newly re-imagined Max Hansen Carversville Grocery.

The kind of wonderful food you know and expect from our talented catering team at Max Hansen Caterer is now available every day at the Max Hansen Carversville Grocery

The Grocery is a gourmet market offering a range of delicious products and prepared foods only made with locally-grown, hand-picked quality.

We're open.

Call for hours!

Go to their website for more details and menus!


Howard J. Barsky, DMD

State-of-the-Art Cosmetic, Preventive and Restorative Dentistry
Village Square
6204 Carversville Road
P O Box 196
Carversville, PA 18913
(215) 297-8681


Dr. Barsky's practice provides state-of-the-art, highly esthetic preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. Recently the office moved about 150 yards into one of the most historic buildings in Carversville. Dating from about 1850, it housed the original General Store and even a small library. The new office combines historic charm with a state-of-the-art dental facility.

Dr. Barsky has practiced in Carversville since 1991 and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Historic Carversville Society, taking great pride in the Village and its activities. Visit Dr. Barsky's website for more details.